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Wixárika Culture
of Mexico

The Wixárika culture of Mexico decorates with their art our collection bottles with chaquira, we make known their traditions and beliefs with deep respect.

Wixárika culture makes chaquira art

At Tequila TAU we are proud to be able to make known one of the living cultures of the world. and present in our country, we do so with deep respect for their customs, beliefs and traditions, we are happy that they, the Wixárikas, decorate our collection bottles with chaquira.a beautiful and delicate work where express their culture and enhance their talents and our brand.

The sacred elements of the Wixárika culture

tau sol

The sun god

The eagle




The eagle, corn, peyote and deer, these elements descend from the sun TAU, therefore, for the Wixárikas TAU means god or sun.

Wixárika Culture Region of Mexico

Inspired by the ancestral Wixárika culture, we created TEQUILA TAU, these communities are present in the north of Jalisco, in the state of Nayarit, San Luis Potosí and Durango.

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The four ceremonial centers of the Wixárika Culture

centros ceremoniales wixarikas tau

They have 4 ceremonial centers, which when joined with straight lines represent the eye of the god, and it is believed that inside the eye of the god are the Wixárikas communities. The Wixárikas ceremonial centers are distributed as follows:



To the north, in the upper part of Cerro Gordo Huaxa Manaká in Pueblo Nuevo Durango.



To the south on the island of the alacranes Xapa Wiyemeta in Chapala Jalisco



To the east, the sea of San Blas on the island of King Tatei Haramara in Nayarit.



And to the west on the burned hill Wirikuta in San Luis Potosi.

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Stories are born, legends grow, poems are created in my region.